Only 60 and after a long illness, sadly.



RIP Cheggers, Pop won’t play the same with out you :frowning:




What did he die of?


Some sort of nasty lung condition




IPF idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, sounds nasty


Iggy died last night.


Not seeing that anywhere else - only 70 if so :frowning:




That’s Iggy Rose, not Iggy Pop of course.


Yes, obviously, just not finding any formal announcement.


Just checkin :grinning:
FB pages.
She’d been poorly awhile.


Sad but I guess she lived the best of both worlds - 1960s space child / 1980s domesticity.


He always entertained & informed. I used to really enjoy the great egg race in particular.


With the accent and the hair he was the caricature of the slightly mad scientist during my youth.
I thought he was great.


I am sad. He was up there with Dibnah in my book


Ah, how sad. I remember loving the great egg race.


Despite helping to establish a stereotype which the rest of us have struggled to live down, he was as popular among scientists as among the general public. He had a good academic reputation too. I remember him being great on Young Scientist of the Year.

One more case of a European migrant, in fact a refugee, from whom everyone here has benefited.




Can you imagine what it must have been like when Heinz and Magnus Pyke were the same room? The eccentricity level would have been in danger of reaching critical mass and creating a singularity.