Dik Mik Dead.




Bloody hell that was quick.


Having lost both my parents to dementia a quick end is a mercy. It is an appalling disease that takes everything from a person before killing them. I’m sure his family are relieved his suffering is at an end.


I’ve never met anyone with dementia or had any experience of it but watching a loved one fade away must be fucking horrendous.


Exactly. I’m sorry if my post came across like I was having a pop. With dementia you’re lucky if it is quick. Sadly, it rarely is quick enough.


His death comes just weeks after his brother George Young, guitarist for the Easybeats and AC/DC producer, died at age 70.


Just heard Malcolm Young guitarist and founder member of AC/DC has passed away aged 64.
This band influenced my own playing style massively and are one of my most favourite rock bands.
Rest easy Malcolm and rock on.


Sad day indeed.


Back in black on now in remembrance

Quality guitartist


No tears will be shed…

On a similar note, my biological Father died yesterday. He will not be missed.


Oh, and…


You should still probably mourn the father you never had, I wish I had now after it’s festered for the last 13 years… So, sorry for your loss.


He left home when I was 6 years old. We never had a relationship. He was a drunk, violent (mum and sister both visited A&E more than once), gambler. I’ve not seen him for 40 years. I was 18 and, on that occasion, I had to be dragged off him as my grip was tightening around his throat. I don’t remember anything about the episode but his brother (who sadly died several years ago) told me about it.
When my Mum remarried, I was adopted by a man whom I love. HE is my father.

It’s only biology which connects us. I don’t have any sadness for him.


Well said!!!


I’m glad you had somebody who was there for you.


As a father to my kids both biologically and as part of a nuclear family, I strongly agree - the biological bond is nothing compared to the real connection I have with my kids.


I’m sorry if I came across a bit glib, Paul. I can understand your feeling that you missed out on precious time. Especially with losing people close to you later.

I truly only mentioned his death in passing. It was all it was worth to me.


I understand your original sentiment very well mate, and FWVLIW I didn’t think you were being glib. It has caught me out that my own non-relationship with my non-father ended-up increasingly gnawing at me as the years grind by. I had little enough chance of ever coming to peace with myself, but my own actions through the years have never helped… My old man may be in his box, but it’s an ongoing work keeping the lid on it.


For different reasons I’m sure, but that would be a succinct way of summarising my childhood situation too. I’m not being glib but after years of psychotherapy in my twenties, this works for me: