R.I.P. Michael Prophet.


I truly hope this isn’t true…

It is The Fail but sounds plausible.


This will devastate Olan…


I’ve got a copy of From Mighty Oaks somewhere. Never really got into it, although he was certainly a very talented musician.


I’m always sad to see the passing of a talented musician. The world of flute-based prog in general, and tedious dubious bed-sheet inspired dirges in particular, will clearly never be the same again.

The nation breathes a sigh…


…and the last real Motor-head is gone :frowning:


Larry Wallis was the original guitarist (he lasted one LP (On Parole)).

By far the best of Motorhead was the trio of Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Filthy Animal Taylor. Overkill is still an awsome LP, not bettered by many.


My personal fave is Bomber, best track “Step Down” with Fast Eddie singing. But each to their own.

Rest in very, very loud peace Eddie.


I would rate them in terms of goodness

1st Overkill
2nd No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith
3rd Ace Of Spades
4th Bomber
5th Motorhead


Will be listening to Motorhead tonight.
He’ll be keeping some good guitar company wherever he is I’m sure.


The version of Overkill on that puppy is second to none.


My fav track


Before my time but reading his obit the hero tag is well deserved.

Would have loved to have been his neighbour just so I could say “Mr Jolly lives next door”


RIP, so young

I had a soft spot for the Cranberries years ago.

Too much death today, learned one of my colleagues lost his wife yesterday, completely unexpected…shocked




Holy fuck, fancied her like crazy in the 90’s, she’s the same age as me (one month younger)

I think she’d be in and out of rehab quite consistently for the last few years though.


Cranberries sold a metric fuckton of records as well. They were staggeringly popular.


Absolutely. Her voice was utterly unique.

Zombie is one of my top ten favourite songs.


Very sad, far too young, RIP.


I quite liked The Cranberries. This is rather sad news :disappointed_relieved: