And within an hour of her death being announced




Capitalism at it’s finest.:roll_eyes:


It turns out that this prick does it every time someone of note dies, AS A JOKE!

What a cunt


Can’t even get their name right either.


Good footballer and nice guy with sensible views despite the deeply unpleasant way he was treated as a black footballer RIP


Edwin Hawkins 74 best known for

More here:


That’s a bit sad and spooky - @MJ2 Mike posted up he’d bought one of their albums only just yesterday :frowning_face:


its the most terrible disease , have seen several with it and a family member had it. could not even get dressed with the aweful breathlessness it causes


we lost ed doolan sadly recently

David Jennings, the head of local and regional programmes for BBC West Midlands, said: "Ed was a broadcasting giant loved by generations of radio listeners in the West Midlands.

"On his daily show, he was the people’s champion - tireless in his pursuit of truth and fairness for all.

“Ed faced dementia with indomitable spirit and bravery, raising awareness of the condition and continuing to broadcast on BBC WM every week.”

Mr Doolan was appointed MBE for services to broadcasting and charity and was the first person to be awarded honorary doctorates by the University of Birmingham, the University of Aston and Birmingham City University.


The role model for Mr MWS has passed on.

Goodbye Peter Wyngarde


Sad, Jason King ruled


And a cape to finish


He made a very good cameo appearance in ‘The Illustrious Client’ (Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes)


Young looking Anthony Hopkins in that clip




Just read his wiki - seems to have lived his own life rather colourfully too…

Sadly his one album of music “When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head” is unobtanium at any sane price…


One of the quotes attributed to him was

I’m 50% vegetarian but 100% bisexual

Sadly it promoted the demise of his career :frowning_face:


Bizarre double-standards of the time - plays fabulously louche sexually ambiguous character in TV series then gets binned-off when it turns out he is actually fabulously louche and sexually ambiguous IRL…



We are an awful species


Not entirely. There’s two sub-species - the self appointed moral and hypocritical (particularly the church and the media press ); and then everyone else.