Also vegetarians/vegans. Though I guess they’re covered by the former. :smiley:


That’s right you dirty little carnivore - you’ll go straight to hell (allegedly) :smiling_imp:


Great BBQ in hell as I understand it.


Not how hell works I’m afraid, in hell you’ll be forced to eat tofu for all eternity :face_vomiting:


Is Tofu a girl? :laughing:


Only in your dreams dude :laughing:


To’fu is a girl from Samo’a


RIP Steve Nisbett ,Steel Pulse’s drummer


Sad to hear even though he’s had a great innings…

This man fired my passion for all things Cuisine Française. His TV shows during the early 80s coincided with the Nouvelle movement and inspired me to start cooking “properly”.

Coincidentally, lunch today is a chicken, tarragon and saffron pie which just happens to be a Bocuse recipe that we have adapted.


Read about that a short while ago, an absolute titan. I have the Institute Paul Bocuse book here and it’s a masterpiece.


…so it’s not a Bocuse recipe then :laughing:


Granted smartarse. Paul Bocusesque :roll_eyes:



Damn shame.
I’m not impressed with being the age I am. All the artists I grew up with are leaving this mortal coil.


A true hero. Decorated also by the Argentinians, for treating their injured with equal regard.


“Handsworth Revolution” is one those albums that will still be playing in my head long after I’m gone.


Another sad loss. Something of a connection for me - My grandad used to work at De Haviland with Rod Argents Dad.




RIP Hugh Masekela


Sad news :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:.