Judith Durham.

At Narelle’s request we went to see the Seekers at the Royal Albert Hall in 2002 (ish).
They were fab. Sound was superb even in one of the boxes.

They were a huge part of growing up in Straya with various members having their own TV shows (game, talk, and travel shows) for those of a certain age.


Oh man, I loved her voice. One of the sounds of my childhood.



Ah. Poo. Growing-up with R2 ever-on, songs like Georgy Girl, I’ll Never Find Another You and Morningtown Ride were a permanent childhood earworm. :frowning:


It turns out (having referred to her with total recall), the 2002(ish) was 1993 on their first tour after reforming.
Oh dear. Still have the tickets in a display frame, so should have looked.


Georgy Girl is an absolute classic it’s amazing how memories come flooding back listening to a song again. :cry:

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I feel a nostalgia-trip c/o Spotify coming on when I next get a quiet evening :+1:


Funnily enough I’ve been stalled finishing a new Spotify playlist but may have just had the nudge it needed. :+1:

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I don’t need to listen now. Just reading Paul’s recounting of a constant R2 soundtrack has had it running round my brain all day. Even tie a yellow ribbon has sneaked in there, Argh.
Great vocal on Georgy Girl at least.

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Narelle and I are both nostagiaing hard.


Yep, mam and dad playing R2 with this and others was the background to my growing up.
Didn’t appreciate any of it at the time but looking back it made such an impression.


Olivia Newton-John :cry:

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Oh fuck.


:astonished: :frowning_face:

Fap folder will never be the same again…:sob:

I saw her interviewed once and she was asked 'How cool was it to dance with John Travolta?

She said ‘Not as cool as dancing with Gene Kelly’


I haz the sad :pensive:

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Very sad, but oh, those legs. RIP.

Oh that’s so sad. I’m feeling old😟

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Yeah, she was 9 years older than me…but still.

Really sad news ,…only 2 years older than me …