R3 was playing her Butterfly this morning and I had the sad.


No age.


His review of the Audio Innovations Series 300 was what got me into valves


Oh that is sad. I knew John quite well & would often visit him at his house in Putney & take stuff for him to listen to. When I first met him he was Deputy Ed at HiFi Answers when Haymarket published some decent HiFi mags. He never went in for the Linn Naim marketing bollocks of the time & was always prepared to give time & space for alternative approaches. He later moved to & edited HiFi Choice and turned that magazine into something quite special. Craftsman features, visits to audiophile’s homes etc while keeping on with their fairly rigorous blind testing.

More recently he’d been a contributor to HiFi News. I knew he’d become ill & I hadn’t seen him at any recent shows I’d attended. But it’s still a shock. He was a really likeable, quietly spoken guy with a love of all kinds of music & an open enquiring mind. A real shame to lose him.


Sad news. Enjoyed his reviews, seem to remember his personal system was built around some very large speakers.


That era of Hi-Fi Choice was excellent.



Sorry to hear about John Bamford. I too enjoyed his writen work in Hifi Answers and Hifi Choice. He also helped to steer me towards an Audio Innovations Series 300 and also a Elite Rock.

Here’s a piece from Hifi News about his HiFi journey and his listening room.


‘Deadly’ Doug Ellis has passed away.


In the Holte End right till the end.


Montserrat Caballe passed, aged 85. Those not into opera will know her from this:


Yep, 6 days ago…

when Olan posted it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you got really slow internet Jim?


No, just a slow brane…:crazy_face:


Ah, is that why you ended up with a TT with two platters, you didn’t realise you had bought one already?


The contra-rotation, allied to densely gaseous emissions, has caused a highly localised disruption in the space time continuum, causing Jim to go back in time by 144 hours.


And his back wall to be knocked down…


Not sure if euphemism…


RIP Paul Allen… that was young.


aye no age, and after a long repeated battle with cancer, many years ago a colleague met him (post MS in VC world) and said he was so engaged and generally interested but very humble

my colleague said “if I had that much money I’d be on a yacht in the Caribbean”
me “and that’s why you’ll never be rich”

RIP to a giant in the industry and thoughts with his family at this hard time