Checked my childhood memories with Mum tonight.

It was Fenella who was the unmissable presence at a winter drinks party held at Barry (Van der Velde) and Judith Foster’s Wimbledon house. I tagged along with my parents

I can still feel her physical projection and a voice that overawed a room full of stage folk.
Sad that she and the Fosters have gone.


Tony Joe White dead at 75. Great artist. I have his latest album ( mainly Blues). Wrote: Rainy night in Georgia, Polk Salad Annie, Steamy Windows and many others. So sad.


One of his last performances.


One voice that few may have heard of, but that shaped many voices that we do hear.



Jesus, no age is it? RIP


RIP Hal (Douglas Rain)


The computer was called HAL as it is 1 letter away from IBM, and IBM refused to allow Kubrick to use their name.


Finally, the pod bay doors are opened


Stan Lee has died


Glad he got to see his creations meet a wider younger audience on the big screen, and of course all the Netflix stuff that is out there.



Heuristic ALgorithmic.

But, yeah, Arthur C Clarke made that up to fit.


He’ll come back to life with half the rest of the population in the next Avengers movie


I hope they’ve filmed his cameo.


Stan Lee, the creative genius who made his heroes imperfect and flawed, and had them fight injustice and intolerance as much as just plain old villains. RIP and excelsior.


Apparently they have filmed numerous cameos, so he will continue appearing for quite a while.


That’s good news.