RIP Richard Baker.

Lovely end to his BBC Obituary.

In his final years, Richard Baker moved to a retirement home. He was a little unsettled at first but soon found a way of integrating.

He would read all the newspapers and cut out the interesting headlines. Then, at Six O’clock, he would read them aloud to his fellow residents over supper.

For the great news man it was a smaller audience than he was used to; but one which was no less appreciative of his talent.


A bit late, but Roy Clark dead at 85 on November 15. Not many country music fans on here I realize, but this man was a hell of a guitarist . . .


RIP Richard Baker- one of the voices of my childhood


Mine too, the news obviously, but Mary Mungo and Midge too.


There aren’t many who can manage two internationally-recognised careers. I’ve been inspired by his singing since I first saw him back in 69 or 70.



Trump will be along to add some dumb any time soon.


Thoughts and prayers, presumably


Martin Simpson gave a warm eulogy about his father in law Roy Bailey when I saw him in concert last night.
The obituary on Radio 4 was nicely done


Folk has never been my thing but Bill Caddick has been a mate for many, many years. He lived what is best described as a full life - usually involved being full of beer and whiskey. I used to run him round to gigs and usually found him afterwards to run him back.

Real Black Country character gonna be missed.

Funeral on Wednesday.


Sorry to hear about your loss Mick.

No doubt you will miss him, but the memories … :grin:


ATB Mick.


Sorry for your loss Mick.


He kicked off the Jackield Bluegrass Festival in Ironbridge Shropshire that drew in artists from all over the world. When the council moved it to Ironbridge (and S&H killed it) he kicked off another festival on the old site that ran for another 4 years.

We ran the box office and informal off licence. Bill, with little help from me, polished off a litre of whiskey after each night closed.

Happy daze.


Nice to have such good memories. Sounds like a true one-off and, as such, a great loss.


Fucking hell.


Just heard that on the news. What a shame.

Only 63, no age these days.



Oh no. Gutted