Oh fuck, no!





Just heard, fucking hell there is no love in this world anymore. One of the greatest composers and performers of the pop song.
RIP Pete Shelley


Good grief :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face: !



That really fucking sucks.


Pete Shelley and Paul Sherwin (cyclists will know Paul), 63 and 62 respectively, in the same week, bad and sad.



Paul Sherwin and Phil Liggett, Tour de France coverage on C4 was how I used to catch up on the race when coming in from work late 90s early 00s.


Only just seen that about Paul Sherwin tonight as well Ben - a bad news night indeed.

Despite all the subsequent drugs shit the Channel 4 TdF coverage from late 80’s - early 90’s with Phil Liggett is sitll the best.


Yep poor Phil Liggett was clearly floored as it was out of the blue. Only seems like yesterday that I was listening to those two commentating on TDF, loved ‘em too. Lots of good tributes online to Paul.


I’ve not been on Twitter for a while so completely missed it.

To make things even sadder - the theme music was composed by Pete Shelley :sleepy:


RIP Buzzcock Pete Shelley


Nancy Wilson dead - 81




Sad News. Got a few of her albums. Sang a god song.

I love this banger


sad to see sondra locke has passed away , you may remember she was married to clint eastwood and starred in many of his films



Good man, talked a lot of sense and seemed down to earth with a social conscience and stood by his principles.


Never did eat his hat.


I think he did eat a marzipan one he brought into the programme afterwards