I have the soundtrack to Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (Umbrellas of Cherbourg) I will give a spin later or may even watch the film which I haven’t seen in a good while.


The original Thomas Crown Affair is well worth watching. Steve McQueen is as cool as fuck.



If only I could train someone to chase after me with a car and a rope whenever I landed mine. Would save a lot of unsightly grunting and groaning as I try to pull the thing off the airfield myself.:roll_eyes:


Even better if it was Astrid Heeren or Faye Dunaway (in that open-topped Ferrari).



His suits were made by Doug Hayward, who at least advised on the rest of his wardrobe too. That would never happen now. These days with major movies at least, there are too many people between the actor and the people making the clothes and often there are commercial interests too. Just look at the last Bond movie to see what I mean. Daniel Craig, a man with an enviable physique looks terrible.


Braces :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Born that way…


Fuck braces :angry:






What you think you look like in braces -


How other people see you -


Pretty sure I resemble the second fellow more braces or no braces.


With a three piece suit, braces every time really. Otherwise the waistcoat has to be too long to cover the trousers to be proportionally flattering. These days, lots of people want a short coat, a waistcoat and trousers with loops for a belt. The worst of all possible worlds. Incidentally, pretty sure that Steve McQueen wears brace tops all through The Thomas Crown Affair.


Inappropriate for the Obituaries thread?


i have alot to thank this man for


My knees do too…


resists obvious joke :joy:


And my feet. I sat, scruffy and tired, on a bench at a crossroads in E Hendred at 17:30 yesterday, trying to flex the soreness out of them. I was drinking water from a 1l pop bottle and popping ibuprofen and paracetamol out of the foil packs. It must have been going home time at some local business because 10-20 cars caught me in their headlights while I was doing this. No doubt the village pub will be full of stories of some drug-addled wino tramp spotted after dark on Thurs.