Did you have the lab coat on?


No :grin:. It’s cotton so if it gets wet it stays wet. All my walking gear is 100% plastic (OK, not the socks, nor the leather boots and there’s some sort of suedey stuff on the palms of the gloves).

The lab coat might have helped actually. E Hendred itself is a 16th century recusant stronghold and these days quite posh, but you can nearly see my old workplace from there. You can certainly see the Harwell reactors from the southbound road out, which goes nowhere these days. They might have smiled on a lost scientist.



Fuck, Jeremy Hardy has died:


do you glow in the dark?




Fuck indeed. We went to see him on stage here a year or three ago. He was really funny. 57 :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:.



I glow all the time :wink:.



Shit, my age…


Balls. That is very bad news. He was usually very funny in his Radio 4 contributions.


proper funny guy in a gentle way, but could be cutting / spot on when required



Bugger, yes only slightly older than me - and I agree very funny and always original. RIP


Saw Jermy Hardy at this a couple of years ago

His “singing” voice was hilariously awful.


Saw him at the 2016 Port Eliot festival. Very clever & funny performer and a sad loss.


Loved the series.
If any character would have earned any brownie points, it would have been Richard.


And mine. Cold seems to make them hurt more, so as well as otc tablets I self-medicate with some sunshine. Holiday? No, sirree, just therapy. :slight_smile:


(Jealousy will get me nowhere)



That’s very sad. One of Britain’s greatest actors.


Iconic, wonderful actor RIP