Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


More mundane, a manyana story from Spain courtesy of some traffic cops there:


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The town hall from Maià de Montcal (Girona) widened the road leaving a light post in the middle of the road. Six months later, neighbours are still waiting for the electric company “Iberdrola” to move it out of the road.

Unbelievable! 😔

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Anyone checked the boot for blood?

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Hunter S Thompson spent some time living in Mexico evading drugs charges in the US.
He said in one of his books that he came to understand that if someone said that something would be done mañana it didn’t mean tomorrow, it meant that it would be done ‘when all the signs are right’

On the pavement, on the little textured bits to help those with poor eyesight know they are at a road crossing, and on double yellows!

Triple cunt accumulator bonus points!!!

Edit also driving an overpowered sports SUV crossover which is unfit for any purpose so I think that takes the cuntery up another notch?!


This made me laugh


…in 1994 :unamused:


Seen every day at work…

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