Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)

It probably isn’t a grown up looking at that diet.

Unless you have had a medical issue, how do you manage to do this in a car park.

Mechanical failure, medical episode, it happens.

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Panic standing on accelerator rather than brake, an old bloke did that coming out of Banbury hospital into my old office.

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In order to prevent ‘Pedal confusion’ our Milkfloats have a system whereby the brake pedal must be depressed before moving away from a Bus stop or any other situation where the Parking Brake has been applied.

It’s painful how Scottish this feels! At first I thought this was Edinburgh!

It’s my local scheme. It’s decent.

its a dead ringer for a part of Oxgangs in Edinburgh

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This cunt now has a collection a sandwich packets and other assorted shite under his wipers.


Otoh, if you hadn’t eaten those sandwiches, you might’ve been able to slip into the gap :joy:

Not that I can talk mind…