Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


funnily enough it was just across the road from the student residences




An almost weekly occurrence in the summer months.
There’s enough warning about the beach.

Idiots ignore them thinking they know better.
A shame it wastes the time of the rescue working.




This is a busy road with two bus stops opposite (you can see one of them)
This cunt abandoned his car not only half way across the road seriously interfering with vehicles on the same side of the road as there was a bus opposite, he was also in a loading bay and had left a child in the passenger seat.


So much wrong.


A week and a half ago in a very quiet Tesco car park


With it being B & H though, it would have been ticketed within about three nanoseconds :+1:


Near enough. Jeez.


Exactly, I’ve been know to throw it in like that, but then I know I’m a cunt



I honestly saw the logo on the planes as the “nva” logo for a moment…


Obviously didn’t go straight out of Compton.


This is my favourite, especially with the warning sign on the taxiway in front…


oops - no parking cameras I presume…


There’ll be a bloke in a boat just out of shot moaning about that pilot mooring/docking like a cunt.


Looks ok, no?

Look again…


H-h-how? Fucking HOW? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

The Stupid! It BURNS!!!