Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


We did fit up a mate of mine with some rather past-its-best fish once. He was due to go to a car show and mentioned it one too many times.
One inside the front grille just ahead of the radiator and one on top of the back box on the exhaust did the trick, once they’d had a chance to warm up a little.


I find that quite unbelievable. What the fuck sort of rude behaviour is that?


That would have been karma at it’s best.


Meh! BMW driver being a cunt. Nothing to see here really. I should know better…


There have been a few instances of people parking on others’ drives in St Albans Facebook groups recently. It’s amazing how little you can legally do, even when it happens every day.



Anything that doesn’t damage the car, presumably.

Letting the tyres down seems too obvs…

How about writing a suitable message on the windscreen in a quick drying (but hard to get off) paint.

Or sticking adhesive labels all over the car - you know the type - ones that can only be picked off piece by fucking tiny piece with your fingernails…


The type they put on the most precious vinyl?




Fucking Chelsea tractors. I hate them and should be banned for all those not living in the Countryside.

If you want grip in the winter buy winter tyres.


It’s not like they have any grip in the winter. During the recent snow I followed a BMW X5 down my (very steep) road, watching with amusement as it slithered from one side of the road to the other, all four wheels spinning or skididing, before mounting the pavement and grinding to a halt.

I hadn’t even put the Jimny into 4 wheel drive. :roll_eyes:


Must have been the wrong type of snow!


Its amazing ze Germans also put up with this excuse.


In Germany winter tires are a legal requirement for the winter period.






Bmw x drive is shit, Audi’s Quattro system is better in snow.


Good result.


In Germany they have too many stupid rules.