Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)






How dumb a cunt do you have to be to record yourself drink driving?!


Unbelievable footage. After driving on the verge and later emerging from a hedge, you’d have thought that she might have thought the better of it but her response was to drive faster.


Fucks sake, 41 year old teacher (or soon to be ex teacher)


She didn’t get an £86000 fine like Ant Mc Partlin but she should’ve got some time inside for that. A miracle no one else was harmed.



Range Rover Velar convertible anybody?




Today I am parking like a cunt.
Fridays are a horror show of path blocking cuntery at the school my son attends.
I normally have to walk him home on the road it’s that bad.
So today I’ve parked my 4x4 in a position that’s going to make it impossible for the cunts to block the path I need to use.
I’ve also strategically positioned my bin (it’s bin day) to block off another section of the path from cars.
The fact that this makes it very difficult for cars to enter and leave the school (possible, just one in, one out) is an added bonus for me.
This might make me a petty cunt but I’m a happy petty cunt.


pictures of the cuntishness?


I shall endeavor to snap some when I pick up the loin fruit in 10 minutes or so.


So here’s the usual state of affairs…

Today the path was almost walkable.

But as you can see nothing deters some cunts. Still at least there was a lot of backing and filling to get in and out of the school car park - the edge of the entrance you can see in the above picture.

fucking pisshat drivers, wannabe audicunts the lot of them.

So there it is my justice cuntery for today.


The vanguard of the short-lived punk/jazz fusion crossover movement.


2 or 3 spaces when we went in and about 4 or 5 when we left. But hey if you’re that special , park anywhere you like !


Why else buy a 4WD. Pfft :roll_eyes:


Triple cunt in Wilmslow. Sat next to the owner and he really is a cunt.

And just to prove it, he has just beeped and cut up a X6 when leaving.



So not all bad then :joy: