Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


My first effort parking the BMW at the golf club. I think with work I could get all 3 bays. Cunt training has begun.


golf club + bmw = advanced cunt training


No hazard lights. M’eh.


Is the alarm sounding off every 5 minutes?


Honestly if, you play golf, you’re 99% there!




If they’re that senile, they probably shouldn’t be driving, so all’s well that ends well.


They found it in a car park 900m from the hospital.


If only they could remember where they put the car keys…


Or the wheel locking nut key…


Just two spaces left in the bank car park when this cunt rolled up a minute or two after me.



This would be properly parked in Liverpool. :+1:

Only an issue if somebody on a mobility scooter t-bones your motor, or if a mother gets blood on your paintwork when a HGV squashes her pram. Pedestrians and the obese/aged/disabled are so thoughtless about their use of the pavement.



Bentley (on Monte Carlo plates, of course) parked like a cunt.


perhaps they caught sight of themselves and abandoned it to puke in the bushes?


Could be an expensive 3rd party claim.


This carpark is never full regardless of time. There were hundreds of spaces available this monring.


Perhaps it was the Oakeshott creature not being able to find a space right next to the doors?


It was still there at 3pm when I returned (from that London). Someone had left a note under the wiper, “Clearly not a space, you’ve forced a pram into the road”

I’d love to know the driver’s thought process and reasoning, I dare say it would have required reversing to line the car up. Swinging in forwards would have caused the back offside wheel to drop off the kerb.