Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Desperate to catch a particular train and not able to walk quickly enough to make it from a more remote part of the car park ? That’d only make sense if the available spaces were a very long way from the platform entrance though.

I confess that when I used to bike from work to Oxford station I could sometimes see my train pulling in as I was still cycling towards the bike rack. I chucked the bike anywhere in the rack, sprinted under the tunnel (remember that ?) and more than once jumped onto a moving train. I wasn’t proud of it, but needs must …



I’d like to think you’re correct. However I arrived at 7.05am, and parked normally less than 20 meters away from that car.

Perhaps it was there overnight, maybe.



Someone did this

to our office on Friday. Old bloke getting his pedals mixed up, apparently…

Although I hope work isn’t insured with Admiral, as they would probably claim it was the building’s fault.


Parked on t’Ilkley Moor allegedly. Anyway, happy Yorkshire Day.



Not a bad effort.


This was a pretty shocking effort this morning on my way to work…


Is there a BMW so badly parked that the trunk fainted?


I think the BMW is underneath the Truck :slight_smile:



What is wrong with some people. Can’t they read?



Coco on holidays again :roll_eyes:




Isolation spikes on the truck.


Boadicea Transport Co?


Scrotum enhancers, look at the size of my nuts.


This is meant to be the shit joke thread, not the ‘boring shit I took a crappy photo of,’ thread.