Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)



It’s too early.


I can’t see any issues with this concept. Nope. Nothing. Nada…





Hard to believe that this spikey pickup is road legal in the US.


The driver of the white car has reportedly been tracked down, but there has been no comment on whether they have had their license taken away for their reckless actions.

That might well depend on how closely related they are to the chief of police or to anyone senior in the local branch of the Communist Party.



Unlikely. There are plenty of custom show cars around.


This truck was built to pull a large merchandise trailer to custom car and bike shows so it must be road legal.


I’m surprised.


Me too. It’s not credible that they would let a vehicle festooned with spikes on the road but it is the land of the free.


It can be a bit more vague here, Florida has no MOT etc, so unless you are pulled over and ordered to fix/change something, which they don’t seem very keen on, or get sued for injuring someone it’s pretty much fair game. Or it seems that way anyway.




Astra - street sleeper.



It only takes the slightest misjudgement when driving an Astra at cruising speeds in excess of 300 mph.

Obviously a novice. Probably had a Porsche or something previously & thought he could make the leap.


I’m informed that a Porsche will only break 40 in the presence of Les Rozzers Francais…:wink:




Nice bit of cuntry driving - hope none of you are on the East Coast main line today


Nobody is it seems! So daughter and fella stuck at KGX