Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Enough already. This clip has been on here more time than I been drunk :roll_eyes:


Bugger, first time I’ve seen it - I live a sheltered life :sob:


That’ll be once then as you’ve never been sober since.


Shit. Good point :unamused:


Never seen that before.
Thanks for posting.


Excellent cunting to all






Sweet jump!


Nice to see the police enforcing the law (not to say common courtesy) once in a while. But I fear the sort of folks who drive for miles up the middle of the road won’t notice this report. They don’t notice all the other drivers stuck behind them, after all …



clearly sitting in a plod car driving around the M25 is a lot easier than doing any real police work :roll_eyes:


If that’s where they spent any significant amount of their time I might agree. The fact that they’ve paid a visit to the roads is such a rarity that it’s made the front page of the BBC news.







He should’ve twigged it was dangerous…


I think he took leaf of his senses


glad he branched out into gardening


I will burn each and every one of you cunts to the ground.