Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


To ashes?


Not in my neck of the woods you won’t


Will you spanners stop tweaking his nut.


Clearly a job for special branch.


You woodn’t dare


You’re barking up the wrong tree if you think we will bough to threats like that.


Some great parking at the school run today…


Is that bloke having a wee under the car?




Not strictly parking but one of the numpties who parks on the pavement by the school my lad goes to called me over today - here we go I thought, I’ve “accidentally” brushed her wing mirror in the past and she’s worked up the flange to have a go about it or something.
No, turns out she can’t start her car and would I help. The urge to laugh and walk off marveling at the ways of karma was strong but I had my lad with me and so was bound to try to set a good example.
I ask her what’s wrong and she says it’s dead. I ask her if it’s making a clicking sound when she turns the key as my immediate suspicion is that she’s been sat there with a/c, music and headlights all running without the engine on and fucked the battery but no she replies with ‘even the key won’t turn’.
Bingo. We have a winner. An acute case of steering lockitis.
One wrench of the wheel while twisting the key and she’s off. That’s my good deed for the day done. I guess I’ll have to hand in my cunt card.




Giving her the bird would have also taught your son a moral lesson


New photo by B 2T


Oh look. It’s an Audi. And a cuntvertible at that.


the traditional 4 rings and a ringpiece



Boys in blue taking “plain clothes” a bit too far?



Caravan Cuntishness:

Amazing that there are no reports of death or injury. Footage is feckin’ frightening.