Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Bloody hell that was scary


Not bad going to work last night (as I was travelling against the flow) but loads of cunts getting lost and doing three point turns in 1.5 car width lanes.
It was totally shit getting home this morning. The Motorway was still closed beyond my junction (J6) but as every cunt had to get off, the queues were diabolical. So, I exited a junction before only to find every other “local” had the same idea :roll_eyes:

2.5 hours to get home. It’s the last thing I needed after a difficult Night shift :rage:



saw that earlier, probably get 12 month ban & 6 points maybe if he’s really unlucky £50 fine (which he won’t pay), of course the car will crushed

of course J23 is nowhere near Bury at all but the BBC are too fucking lazy to even check facts


Unfortunately, three people were killed. The two occupants of the car going the wrong way (in their 80’s foreign plates) and an unsuspecting person coming the other way. Terrible.


Shit. Didn’t see that in the article I linked to. It did detail how inconvenienced everyone had been and how long it took to repair the road though :unamused:


Hmmm. Kinda kicks my inconvenience into the bushes.



see above


3 dead, the two towing the van were 80 years old, the poor driver heading the other way didn’t stand a chance.


yea yea, I know, don’t expect me to read the whole fecking thread!




I have done that in a Citroen XM, drove 35 miles from Wembley to Hitchin with a flat tyre at night. Only noticed when I got out and what was left of the tyre was smoking.


Oh dear - another Beemer off the road…


“He also said he had about £2,000 worth of tools in the boot.”

Yeah, right :roll_eyes:


the tools were actually sat in the council office


This is kicking off on Sunday to raise funds for Zac. It’s being organised by a local family in Broseley. The number of trucks (plus tractors, combines etc) is now up to 80 odd. Many of the wagons have full paint jobs (the local Romany family team are involved so they are seriously special). Zac will be travelling in the lead truck with Nathan if he is well enough.

We have been promised NOISE - Engines and horns.

Fucking hell this is gonna hit the papers :scream:




110 lorries committed as of tonight for Sunday morning. Please, just for a laugh, Google Broseley, Shropshire to see the size of our town that this lot will be starting from. It will really be amazing, and chaos is guaranteed.

ITV news, among others, are attending.