Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Why indeed.

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I could clear that easy.



Friend of mine spanked his Porker GT3 straight into a roundabout and flipped it onto its roof. I did ask him in plenty of time as we approached whether he was considering the use of brakes in this upcoming manoeuvre, but regrettably he chose to trust his own judgement of what was required :man_facepalming:

The experience certainly brought him down to earth, within 3 months of the Porker being repaired he promptly sold it.

3 months after he turns up at my house with an F40 :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Probably good idea to sell it if it can’t even clear a roundabout.

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More money than talent. It seems you survived ok then! :open_mouth:


Sadly a high proportion of owners of high performance cars get sucked into the idea they are great drivers by the mere ownership of them. They get further fooled into this delusion by the handling, grip and braking characteristics of these cars, riiiight up until the point they exceed them and then they’re fucked :smile:


You are right - These are the top ten crash prone cars

  1. Audi RS 7, 352

  2. Maserati Ghibli, 359

  3. BMW 6 Series, 359

  4. Nissan GT-R, 373

  5. BMW M6, 387

  6. Bentley Continental GT, 388

  7. Maserati GranTurismo, 407

  8. Bentley Continental GTC, 426

  9. Bentley Continental Flying Spur, 466

  10. Ferrari 458 Spider, 563


True. Before we went out in little single-seaters at Silverstone (a lot of fun) we were told that the first 10 minutes would be spent behind a pace car which would gradually speed up. We had to listen out for the rear tyre squeal in corners. That would be the only real guidance, at least the only guidance that beginners would be able to spot, to how close the car was to letting go of the road. “When the squeal suddenly starts to get louder you’ve reached the maximum safe speed”. I’m not sure how easy it is to hear the tyre squeal in performance saloons/hatches.



if you ever hear it on a public road you’re a twat. There’s virtually no car, including basic fiestas and the like, that cant be driven too fast for normal roads. Whilst i love tasty cars as much as the next man there is absolutely no point to them any more. They’d be far better putting all that luxury into a a cheaper, much less powerful vehicle. I think that’s partly why the audi A1 and it’s ilk are so popular, you can spec them up with loads of toys without having to buy a big engine.


Still got the big Jag then Paul? :wink:

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what has happened to 1 to 9?

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Nope, auto mini cooper now. (yes i do miss the XF but not as much as when I had the Fabia…)


That’s better :slight_smile:



It’ll never fit !


Nope, but it was a good effort.

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Not just a selfish cunt, but also a showoff. It is in two spaces on the other side of the wall and the fragments that are poking through the gap are clearly in at least one more space. If he wanted to park in three spaces at once, horizontal across the bays is the accepted technique for your panzerschiessenwagon driving uber cunt. :unamused: