Pick me an awful car


Nice - but avoid the 1994-on “new generation” model which was a re-badged Vauxhall Cavalier


Oh, certainly. It was all downhill after the acquisition.


Thats lovely. Too big to fit in our garage unfortunately.
I’d be happy with a rag top as it wouldn’t see wet roads.


Also just noticed it’s an auto. I’m a big fan of autos normally, but that would have to be a manual.


LOL, u wot m8?


Out of budget but Mcintosh.


This is more like it


Probably too sensible, nice though.


Oh my.


Ha, they really fit the brief of the thread title.

What a price, though! It looks immaculate.


Nissan Murano 3.0 V6. £3000. 2006. 53000 miles fsh.


Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 55000 miles.


Yep, so did I. First company car. Torque steer was something to behold :smiley:


So did I. Great fun


So far this has it, for me.





Never go full Partridge.


Drove one of those once, interesting when the turbo cuts in around a corner. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Going to look at an XC90 (Wifes choice) and the LS430 today.