Pick me an awful car


Hmm, I wonder who will win :thinking:


Well, she already put a spanner in the works deciding to keep the c2 she has. Basically made anything with two seats a non starter.


Volvo FTW.


Mercedes M Class 72000 mls. £3995.


Volvo X90 suv. 78000 mls. £3995.


Had a look at CL500, awesome but not sure the rear seats have enough space for giant child.

Wife loves XC90 (There is a surprise) bit rough but for 3k fine, good service history.

Lexus next.


Volvo X90 3.2se 2006. 77000 mls. £4749


LS430 purchased.


It was inevitable :grin::+1:


South Holland resident buys Toyota shocker :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A gold car - magic


I had no idea you were in your 70’s, you must have had a remarkably easy paper round, and shares in Just For Men.


@coco gave me excellent advice.


Current Honda is gold, Honda bike is too, hmmm.

Except I am properly grey.


More like.


I thought you were going to see the SC.


You’ll be needing one of these for the rear window…



You know, I rather like them, but with Child at 5’11’’ it wouldn’t be much use. The plan was get wifey a new family car, so I could get a Boxster or similar, but she had a hissy fit to keep the C2.


Take him to the Yard and buy him a Hawaiian to make up.


That’d learn him