Pick me an awful car



Fuck me, last weekend it was exactly the opposite:

“Go on get it”
“You know you want it”
“Why wait, buy it now”
“Have you sent a deposit yet?”

etc etc…



Was being chauffeured about in a Volvo X 90 with adaptive cruise this evening. Blimey that’s alarming :grinning:


The Mazda system is much the same. It fucks with my head :astonished:


You are wise beyond your years sir.


Congratulations on buying a meme. :grinning:


Drove it home today. Am :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Told you. Picture of car by Radio Norwich sign is required.


Was it this one?


More helpful advice from @coco.


what drive 100 mile down a m-way and never touch a pedal. roll on auto drivers (like shit)


I want a really badly taken photograph of the barge/weapon/bus/missile/car with @edd9000 posing disapprovingly at the side of it.


I wonder if we can make a new meme. Make sure I’m around when you next visit @coco and I’ll video him spontaneously projectile vomiting onto it as you drive past.


Waste of a Turan.


Do it before, then it’s just bile


According to the brochure it has water repellant glass, wonder if that works on bile.



Favourite useless feature: Soft close doors that never work as the door is so heavy it fully closes with the slightest of pushes.


You surprise me with your choice Ed I thought you wanted something ‘out there’ but you settled on a Masonic golfist car.


I wanted something fast, which the wife scuppered, or huge.

Huge and cheap won. Now I want a Toyota Century.


That’s a wonderful thing that is, studying that picture does it have a real wood plastic look steering wheel? :heart_eyes: