Pick me an awful car


Perfect for driving down to the Post Office and picking up your pension.

You’ve arrived son.


Huge and fast works for me :smiley:


You describing your car or your lunch? :face_with_monocle:


You are not fast Jim.


That’s his tinder profile




When they are 5 grand I’m there.


You’ll be too old by then…oh hang on :laughing:



Yes. Real wood crafted by Yamaha pianos to look fake.


Sorry to see some hoodlum has put tipex all over your number plate Edd. They ought to bring back national service I reckon…


Good man I’ve owned a fair few of the cars mentioned.
The Peugeot 40x’s are rolling disaster areas like anything French. The Mitsubishi GTO/3k is an amazing bit of kit but will ruin you when it inevitably goes wrong and is a tad heavy.
The ls430 is a great choice, fast, comfy, and does 35 mpg on a run you know.

Personally I’d have cunt punched the Mrs, bought the porker and told her she’ll have to drive herself if the 3 of you want to go anywhere together. But that’s just me.


Ah I wasn’t that bothered, I will probably still buy a Boxster anyway.


Have you had fun playing “spot the buttons shared with a Toyota Avensis” yet?



The window buttons are from the Yaris.


Makes a good Turan Taxi.

I however do not make such a good taxi driver, apparently.


Did the activated charcoal seat fart filters work?


It was the part where we bounced round a 15mph corner at about 40!


No VSC light, no problem.


that sounds normal for a taxi round here