Pick Ozzy an Astra

I’m due to change my car later this year and have been considering my options.

So far, the diseasel deals seem to be drying up, so I’ve been forced to consider petrol or 'leccy. I don’t want an SUV, I need space, I prefer estate cars, and I need a decent range (I may have mentioned all this upthread).

Not found very much that works for me yet. The best I’ve found is a Mini Cab Toyota Corolla Touring Sport Hybrid. Looking at real World economy figures with the 2 litre petrol, the MPG looks about the same as what I get with the Mazda diseasel.

If I consider this, am I nuts ?

No. The Corolla is the perfect car for people who don’t care about cars. It will be adequate in every way, and totally reliable. It isn’t the world’s best selling car for nothing.

As far as the majority of my driving goes, which is 16 miles on potholed, country/suburban roads and 52 miles on the M40 per day, I’ve given up. The car just needs to be comfortable and reliable. Retirement home on wheels will do.

Kia Optima PHEV or Passat GTE, either in estate mode?

Both £5k more expensive and equally piss-poor to drive. The Kia will be more crappy, the VW more unreliable.

What are all these non milk float abortions you’re all discussing?

The GTE is a lot better than a Toyota beigemobile. I am doing a not dissimilar commute in mine at the moment.

Partial milk float at least here.

Needs more words. Or numbers.

Can you slip “Shagmaster 9000” in there somewhere?

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16 miles of pothole bested. Needs more Brown tho


Skoda yeti

Subaru Legacy :grinning:

Lease a leccy car.

Haha, do not trigger @PapaLazarou


The only actual estate is the MG, which is a bit rubbish on safety if you hit anything like, say, a deer on the road.


Then he will have to compromise.

Do you mean that he will only be allowed to have RTAs with fawns in his milk-float barge?


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Thanks for clearing that up there Mark.



He is just going to get a Brown Volvo anyway. Might as well just recommend massive horns or a Pi.

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