Pork scratchings

mine has an intermittent airbag warning light problem. Dealer assures me it is a loose connection, and that it wont go off in my face…and that it should still work in the event of an accident!

Oh boy… :grimacing:

Mines having a new starter motor and alternator cable on Thursday. It is driveable.

All this, all of a sudden, makes the RX8 look positively reliable…


And you can pick up three RX8s for the price of one Pork repair, so at least you might have one runner.

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At last, someone who speaks sense in this place :laughing:


Any news @Jim?

No , not yet. They already told me they were fully booked until Thursday, so won’t even be looking at it 'til then.

Spoke with the warranty co though, they confirmed the policy was good and they would communicate direct with the repairer.


Just heard from the repairer. The rear drivers side air spring failed and because the compressor pump was constantly trying to re-inflate it, that burned out too.

Estimated bill £2,150. :flushed:

…but on the upside, the warranty co have agreed to pay 95% of the above amount and issued a reference number to the repairer. :smiley:


who is your warranty with Jim?


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looks like only available through a dealer? I have a two year Porsche warranty with mine, and I am wondering what to do with year 3. Porsche offer a lower price if I add on year 3 in the first year…

I would. :+1: …Unless you intend to sell it after two years and the warranty isn’t transferable

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Good result. I would keep quiet about exceeding the maximum payload at the weekend :smiley:


it is leased. I wont selling it.

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I didn’t sit in that seat, clearly it was @coco

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I think that Pete was below average weight in that car

Location location location.

I don’t think weight had anything to do with it. If you asked anyone from Northern France, they would say that clearly the issue was letting Coco-Senna drive, and that the car gave up after too many miles of excessive speed.