Latest What Car? reliability survey:

Rank Brand Score
1 Suzuki 97.7%
2 Lexus 97.5%
3 Toyota 96.8%
4= Kia 95.8%
4= Mitsubishi 95.8%
4= Subaru 95.8%
7 Skoda 95.6%
8 Alfa Romeo 95.5%
9 Hyundai 95.4%
10 Seat 95.2%
11= Mazda 94.6%
11= Vauxhall 94.6%
13 Dacia 94.1%
14 Fiat 94.0%
15 Honda 93.8%
16 BMW 93.4%
17 Volkswagen 92.9%
18 Ford 92.7%
19 Renault 91.7%
20= Audi 91.5%
20= Volvo 91.5%
22 Mini 91.2%
23 Porsche 90.9%
24 Peugeot 89.4%
25 Citroen 88.1%
26 Mercedes-Benz 88.0%
27 Nissan 87.1%
28 Jaguar 84.9%
29 Jeep 82.7%
30 Land Rover 76.5%
31 Tesla 57.3%

So it could be worse - you could have a Tesla.
And of course it could be better - you could have a Jimny :grinning:


Interesting, how is it conducted etc?

I figured Porsche would be reliable, but only in the sense of high performance car reliable.


You see, you want reliability? Get an Alfa.


Our 20 odd year old Alfa is pretty reliable. Except for the odd electrical gremlin.

Survey of 18,000 owners of cars 1-4 years old

There is some bias though, because it’s about reported faults. Owners of snob brands are much more likely to report minor problems than owners of Dacias or Kias. So expensive cars get penalised.

You can see this with VAG group. They all use the same factory QC systems, the same engineering and many of the same parts - but Audi get more complaints than Skoda or Seat.


what is the methodology for calculating approval ratings? wonder what are the sample sizes are?

No idea. They don’t give that much detail.

There is also more to go wrong: Porsche Pantechnicon owners complain that the little plasti-chrome trims have fallen off their electric window switches. This fault won’t happen on a Dacia Dustbin for several reasons!


I’m slightly sceptical of Alfas 8th place.

Seasoned Alfa owners are more likely to fix the car themselves rather than taking it to an Alfa dealer who will spend weeks making the fault worse, then charge them through the nose for it.


On 1-4 year old Alfa’s most stuff should be under warranty iirc.

Doesn’t stop the dealers fucking your car up.

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Like any other car dealer then.

Generally they get introduced on Audi first though, don’t they? Audiscum are effectively
beta testers…

I’ll stick with my lexus - nearly 3 years in on a near 13 year old car and only maintenance and consumables. The only thing wrong with the car is the heated seats don;t work which i never use anyway.
The wife’s KIA is pretty robust too - I’m surprised the clutch is still original given the grief she gives it going from reverse to first without coming to a complete stop…

I want something with a bit of zip as my next car and both these marques no give me options beyond ze germans, i have to admit i’ll be trying them first in a few years time.

Surprised Nissan is so low. Always been very reliable for us.

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Us too, maybe it’s the Renault influence?

Normally with these surveys, when you dig in a bit, its electrical faults that make up the majority - which fits with the prestige marques being lower down as people spec them with more electronics - so more to go wrong. Hardly a surprise Tesla are near the bottom, it’s a motorised bloody PC.

Vauxhall seem to have made some serious effort… they used to be down with land rover not so long ago

11th…fake news cunts