Pork scratchings


Did that a few months back - it passes.


Usually on the inside lane with the driver on his phone…


Nice car, smooth ride.
I know someone who has one and loves it.
But, it’s a barge.
Mark, have you driven one? If not, do try one sooner than later.
They drive quite well, it’s just that they’re huge.


I drove one before I got the Macan. Lovely car, but the newer generation is significantly better. Drive an old one and a new one.


New gen is 2013- or newer than that?


IIRC 2016 onwards for gen2


Yes, big car with difficult to see extremities…

However, beautifully made and a good left field alternative to the usual, Merc E, and BMW 5 series barges… :+1:


That app is a massive time sink. What about the maserati quattroporte, they’re cooler (imo)


Haha, I was just telling @Jim on Friday that he should get a Panamera.

It’s a lot of car for the money at second hand prices. Bloody big, mind.


I was looking at the Ghibli. TBH, I don’t think the new Quattroporte is that nice. The old one was a lot better looking.

Probably too scared to drop cash on a Maser as well.


Second hand prices are really nice compared to the 911/Cayman


Indeed. Even new they’re significantly cheaper than a 911 - kind of goes to show that the 911 is a bit of a rip off.


Possibly because the looks are marmite. I really like them though, and they are an uber cuntmobile :sunglasses:


Pete, I’ve never costed a Panamera, but I suspect the final price will very much reflect what/which options you’ve specified. It won’t be a surprise, but buying 2nd hand, the options will also reflect the asking price.


When I last looked the 911 started at £77k, while the Pananera was £67k for the base model, which us kind of odd considering just much more car you get.

Obviously Porsche are experts at making everything optional and that will increase the price (a lot!).

Certainly with the 911 Some options are definitely more desirable, while others don’t seem to make much difference.


Everyone will hate you. :+1:




Apparently, and this was a few years ago, it cost Porsche just £6K extra to build a 911 Turbo more than a Boxster!

I think they make more money per car than any other volume manufacturer…


Wouldn’t surprise me!

I bet the Panamera costs more than the 911 to make.


Yes, it must do…