Pork scratchings


apparently so

The Macan is their best selling vehicle.



Yep, I saw that too but haven’t looked in detail.
Is it only diesel or petrol too?
I’m assuming Macans are also affected.


article only mentions 3l engines doesn’t say whether its diesel or petrol. I think the only Cayenne that have 3l engines are the Cayenne Diesel. In the Macan range the diesels are 3l and the Macan S and Macan GTS is 3l petrol. Mine is the 3.6l

this suggests it is the Cayenne 3l diesel only





Not sure if it’s true but I was told years ago that Porsche designed the Cayenne to be a loss maker in order to write off some money against tax or reduce their threshold or some other shite.

They didn’t expect it to sell so well, could be just an excuse for designing such a fucking ugly car though.


Ferrari messes with the wrong Astra… One minute in.



Watch it at 3 minutes in.


The Audi 100 is seriously fast.


Not heard that, but at that time they were trying to take over VW, and behaving more like a hedge fund than a car manufacturer.


It looked like the rear shocks hit the limit when he grabbed 2nd


Looks like they’ve slowed the Astra down. Probably put some ‘elf & safety’ approved F1 tech in & fucked it right up.



I like this one. :heart_eyes:


Or this one. Type 64


Porsche’s 2018 model…


Meh. Doesn’t throw out as much muck as my Passat TDI when it starts.


That cooling fan ought to discourage those nuisance repmobiles from tailgating you, though.:+1: