Pork scratchings


Bet you couldn’t! :racehorse:


It’s only a squiggly line.


I wish!

Unless you buy a new car every other month, you’ve got no chance… :cry:


Pah ! Bet he couldn’t do it on the back roads of leafy Hertfordshire…




I’ll remember that phrase the next time you show me a graph of speaker frequency response… :grin:


I am amazed how little he used the brakes. That car is really well setup and stable. Amazing lap.


Your second sentence describes modern 911s.


Nurburgring is quite flowing, there are only 4 or 5 places where you brake really hard.


I like how Jan Koum of WhatsApp has quit so he can work on his collection of air-cooled Porsches. It seems a reasonable option when you’ve made shed loads of cash.


First proper long drive of the year on some nice roads. :red_car:

Fuck me, I love ths thing.


Your diesel X3?


Lol, petrol, actually.


I had a new oil sender pump fitted yesterday together with a replacement box on the exhaust and new exhaust brackets. Mot next month. I have a judder from the front wheels when breaking hard from 70mph or more, it started last month.

I had new discs and pads 6 months ago so I suspect it may be track rod arms or bushes near the steering rack. Once mot,d I think I might take it here to get it handling perfectly -

£350 seems reasonable.


Pig versus horse - result a draw


The pig did fly though


@coco :drooling_face:


Deeply impressive, that’s one guy who knows the track, the car and most importantly himself very well…


Discovered the mangled remains of a bird in the radiator duct. The joy of pork ownership. Nice. :face_vomiting:


At least your dog didn’t eat it and then throw up for the next hour.