Pork scratchings


Fits like a glove !


Congrats Jim, lovely mota’

I can sell you some Porsche branded blocks so that your feet will reach the pedals :grinning:

(If you can’t work out how to get the seat to move forward that is… it can be tricky on some models apparently)


Looks great Jim. Definitely too good for fishing.


Fabulous. How many buckets of boilies can you get in the back?


Images of Jim mixing groundbait in the spare tyre-well. He neglected to mention this to the seller as he parted with his pride and joy for a song :joy:


Pretty sure the seller’s pride and joy was his Ferrari in the garage! This was his family hack. :joy:


Don’t forget the brand new X5 M as well…


Ah, not too worried about selling it 4k under book then :smiley:


Bet he hasn’t got a turntable that rotates in two directions :grinning:


When he first put it on Autotrader, the starting price was £32k!

I think he needed the garage space…:wink:


The perfect bloke to buy a car from.


He sounds very wealthy. Does he need some cables for his hifi?


or a box full of cat litter?


Will there be Porsche rides at your next bake off Jim? :wink:


It’ll be just like Craggy Island’s funfair ! Well, until the engine management light kicks in…


I remember the bake Phil had just after he bought his 911. Everyone wanted a ride in it and Phil was very obliging - he must have done at least half a dozen trips around the ring road in MK.
I was last - mainly because the clutch went during my go :persevere: Ed Seeley had to come and rescue us.



Have you broken it yet?

What do the family think?


Is that a remote control bottom right?


What does the skull switch do?!