Pork scratchings


Switches off the traction control.


Showed Jim’s pics to my son, who loves Porsches. He said it was sick ( think this means cool ) , and has now gone and bought a blue Panny on Forza Horizon…


Entirely appropriate then!


No, behave yerself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ann’s a little bit meh, but the girls love it!

:wink: No, just the window/mirror controls on the door…


It’s the halloween ejector button - only appears after dark on 31st Oct. :ghost:


Have you been to ACE cafe and drifted out of the car park yet?


Is that infotainment PCM3? does it have a touchscreen? I recognise the interface from my previous Boxster.

The centre console is still pretty similar on MY17 vehicles - I’ll see if I can a pic of mine.


Not been there since I had my Ducati!

Yes, it is touchscreen :+1:


Great :unamused:


I’ve not been there for 20 yrs, would be fun to visit again.


Only apply if you can work a Nagra cd player


At least on the car the buttons won’t change what they do every time you go to use it…


Turning the steering wheel left and right turns the aircon up and down.


New US sci-fi/fantasy series Titans - they got 4 people into a telescopic-bumper 911. That really IS fantasy! :grinning:



I noticed on the Panny that a couple of the chrome trims were missing to the switches on the driver’s door switch pad. This seems to be a fairly common issue because i noticed the same trims missing on other cars advertised on Autotrader.

The operation of the switches isn’t affected, but I have a well developed perfectionist gene, which mostly cannot be denied.

I went to the parts shop this morning and was informed that the entire switch pad would need to be replaced at a cost of £150. Question is, can I live with the niggle eating my brain :confounded:


Find a specialist Porsche spares yard.


Oh, the joys !


If possible, I’d take the chrome off the others so they match. Less blingy. (Yes, I know it’s probably not in keeping with Essex style)


Me, less blingy? :laughing: yeah right!