Pork scratchings


EBay is your friend. Lots of them on there. Search for “Porsche panamera window switch panel”


Now I’ve had the Panny for a couple of weeks and got used to driving it (and the size!), I have to say that I’m very pleased indeed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The cabin is a wonderful place to be and the car is an absolute pleasure to drive. It deffo has a Jekyll and Hyde character. You can waft around in comfort mode as the air suspension soaks up the bumps and noise is well suppressed, leaving it hushed inside or you can press the sports plus and loud exhaust buttons and a beast is unleashed! :sunglasses:

Also the fuel consumption is much better than I expected; Pete predicted 15, but it’s averaging 23/24 in mixed driving. :smiley:


Driving like an old woman indication :joy:




Imagine the performance boost when you get Rudolph and the lads attached to the front bumper :santa:t2:


I get about 17mpg out of the Macan around town. On the motorway it’s close to 30.


:roll_eyes: You sleigh me with your humour Olan.


Holly fekk Jim, that was a good one !


Trying a pick-up in a Porker


pork chop




Dear Santa…




Love the colour :heart_eyes:






Dark metallic blue




Got a lift in a Jag XF recently, at first I thought it was black but it was a metallic (very) dark purple, sounds horrible but looked fantastic.