Pork scratchings


Sounds good, I’d buy that.


There’s a guy down the road with a Maser Ghibli in a very similar colour, looks great on it.


They did the 993 in a dark purple metallic.


I did a 200 mile round trip in the Panny yesterday and averaged 31.2mpg. That means I’ll be able to afford to buy more wool for my knitting…:laughing:


You need to crochet a tissue box cover for the rear parcel shelf :+1:


Thats impressive, my fiesta st struggles to do more than 35mpg on a run.


Pictures or it didn’t happen :wink:


Could have got the turbo.


Yeah, I’m sure there is enough room for an LPG tank in there somewhere. :rofl:


Would it need one with Jim?


Hmmmmm. Gas supply via an adapted butt plug :thinking:


Yeah, not bad for a 4.8 V8, to be fair though, the journey was 95% dual carriageway/motorway and there were no queues, but a lot of 40/50 mph road works.


Strangely, the trip yesterday was to scope two sites (Huntingdon and Ipswich) where I’m going to be looking after the construction/installation of LNG terminals. (liquefied natural gas)


was that in old man mode or sports or sports plus?




Look, even if he’ll never use it, he can be smug in the satisfaction that he knows he could. :smiley:


In a way a 4.8ltr V8 is the perfect car to amble / tootle about in. You can crawl along in 4th.


Yes, I’m known for my wafting…:smiley:


so you didn’t need to pay extra for air suspension