Pork scratchings


Where I’ve been working the lady of the house has an 2012 Audi Q5, the sat nav has packed up, Audi want £2.5K to replace it :roll_eyes:


Bloody hell, I bought a whole car for less than that!


I emailed the guy rusty in this thread


He replied immediately saying he can send me the 2018 Uk & Europe map on a DVD for £30

What do we reckon :thinking:


It will cost you £30 and you will get the 2018 Uk & Europe map on a DVD


Any testimonials from satisfied punters on the forum?

£30 though, worth a go?




:smiley: Thank you Mr Obvious.


Not in that thread. It’s not so much the £30 I’d be worried about…more the possibility of fucking up the existing one and leaving damage to the software.


I’d go for it.


I’d be very surprised if it’s compatible with your system, otherwise the dealer would have sold you one.


What PCM version have you got and then see if the map data he is selling a disk compatible with that.

I once had a similar issue with an AMG Merc that Merc wouldn’t update the maps on, and I bought maps on a forum. From memory I could upgrade by a couple of years, but couldn’t go any further as my hardware was not compatible with the very newest map data.


That is a bit crap of Porsche.
My old, z4 (2003 vintage) came with a legit 2016 bmw dvd map that the previouse owner purchased. The fact the ancient satnav system is utter shit makes the lastest maps a total waste of space. But atleast bmw support their legacy systems.
Personally i wouldn’t download moody software into my new pride and joy without several positive references (and not one single negative one).


Not much. You can also download areas - useful for the places you most often visit - and you can also download a trip you’re about to make.

My maps usage is rarely more than 100MB per month, and I use the sat nav a fair bit.


The seller is satnavupgrades.co.uk

There’s quite a lot positive stuff said about them on the web, but mostly in the context of BMW and Jaguar.


@Jim very kindly let me have a spin in the Panorama last weekend.

My first impression on setting off was “wow, this is a bit familiar”. Steering is a bit lighter than the 911 and has less feel (the 911 is about as good as it gets here) and the brakes are much ligher (the 911’s are very heavy) which toook a little getting used to for me. It’s a huge car, but on the road feels a lot smaller. The reviews say it feels like a fat 911 and TBH, that just about sums it up! There is huge grip and it feels very pointy - quite a feat for such a large car.

The engine is a dream, there is plenty of torque and a lovely V8 burble when pootling around. Giving it some beans, and properly revving it, it’s bloody quick. While the turbo has an extra 100BHP, the NA 4.8 is plenty and entirely in keeping with the style of car. With the sports exhaust open, there’s enough noise to put a smile on your face without being obnoxious.

The PDK gearbox is ace, my 911 is manual, but the PDK suits the style of car perfectly. In normal mode, it’s fairly lazy and upshifts quite early. In sports more it’s much more on it and gear changes are bloody fast. In sports plus 7th disappears (it’s esentially a high overdrive for economy). Manual mode with the paddles is fun, with just enough violence engineered in to make it feel like you’re trying hard.

Porsche have managed to make a great car, which is perfectly capable of cruising gently and munching hundres of miles in luxury, but when you really want to go for it, it turns into a proper performance car. It is very nearly all things to all men - a superb all-rounder, assuming you can live with the size.

I stepped out with a huge grin on my face and thinking that, when I finally grow up, I might well look for one of these. In the meantime, I’ll just have to be content with being Jim’s occasional chauffeur. :smiley:


Great stuff.


Sports plus mode?


It has sports chrono plus, so has standard, sport and sport plus.


Canada+ and Canada++ mode.


My car only runs in No Deal mode.