Pork scratchings


His son lives in our village.


If @Wayward did carbon layup.


No, if I did it it would actually match. :crossed_fingers:

Check the central ‘seam’ above and below the red reflector thing. One side it doesn’t quite match and the other it directly mis-matches. Makes me feel uncomfortable just thinking about it! :cry:


It matches, it’s just how the light hits it with the weave. They even matched the door seams etc.


Are you blind?


No but I looked at lots and lots of photos of it.



They don’t match!!


Matching? Non




Ignore them Edd, perfectionist cunts…:smiley:


The guy that orders tasteless carbon fibre Porsches is exactly the guy I make clothes for. If he ordered a coat with a flashy, bold fabric that mis-matched like that down the centre back, he’d have every right to complain. I’d expect that car to be to order and for them to get complaints about that mis-matching carbon. People paying top money for things want them perfect.


Yeah, I know, I wuz just being a twat, as usual :grin:


Looks fine to me


I want a carbon Porsche :grimacing:


You have a metal one & a Lego one. Isn’t that enough?


No way. :weary:

(I have two lego ones now, lol)


I want the playmobile one.


Somewhere I have two of these.


Surely somebody must be able to craft one out of sausage meat ?
That would be a real Porker !