Pork scratchings


Must have been, if you parking @coco’s X5 was anything to go by :slight_smile:


If he was parking ‘my’ X5 the he definitely parked his arse in the wrong car. :grinning:


X3 then. Details, details.


No, it’s an important detail. If one drives an X3, he is merely a cunt. An X5 driver though is a much worser cunt.


Surely a X3 driver is just a cunt with less money.


I think it probably just boils down to pick your degree of cunt.


Just booked pork in for a major service. :grimacing: need to start saving.


You have probably got 8-12 weeks while they wait for the parts to come in.


…and if he cuts down his Turan visits by say 50%, he’ll easily have saved enough for the major service in that time…:stuck_out_tongue:


This is true. :sob:




I’m starting a GoFundMe page for Pete. Bloke should be able to have curry & a Porsche in this day & age. Not asking too much.


Is @Wayward making the parts or something? Hand crafted oil filters using the finest Italian silk?




Entirely reasonable


And a motorbike.


And an expensive stereo mono.


And regular trips to point and laugh (Munich) and join in (ETF) with much pork.


Any thoughts on the E-Hybrid Panamera?

circa. 2014/15 version.

I know the mpg claims will be a joke, but it could be a good tax wheeze.

I’m more interested to know if the 3.0 engine sound is decent etc.


91 mpg claimed…:grinning: