Pork scratchings


Basically there to make a mass market for officially preferred technologies, even if they don’t get used in the best way (cf: megamile reps with hybrid cars that do less mpg than normal diesels).


Why not just have a subsidy system for preferred tech, that non company car users can use as well? And adjust the tax on fuel accordingly. What they have done is amazingly contrived now.


You mean like this?


Yes, but why then the additional company car system?






It’s a fine piece of engineering… but I don’t quite get it. Effectively, to make it work, the engine now has little in common behaviorally with what it used to be but I imagine it still has 1800 mile service intervals and it isn’t faster (in a straight line anyway) than an ‘in period’ loon device like a RUF CTR.


Because racecar




Like you’d have a girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:


That is quite county.

Not complaining or owt. Just like pointing out obvious stuff.




I am sure you are smart enough to figure out what it should have been, and why it ended up different.


Snowfoam!..Guess what I’ve been doing this morning…


dial’a’car-wash? - when you’re ready I have a job for you


err…when I said to guess what I was doing, I didn’t mean I was washing it - fuck that, I was sitting in the car at the car-wash :laughing:


Exactly, if Jim washed it the roof would still be dirty :laughing:


…and the paint would be worn off the sides :+1:


I think that the principle of “I’m not buying an expensive car just to fucking wash it” is perfectly sound :+1:


Have you bought many other cleaning products :rofl:

It’s a bit like HiFi!


Yes, I do have a few, but sometimes I can’t be arsed, so I go to the hand car wash. Since buying the Panny, I’ve mostly washed it myself because hand car washes are nearly all shite. I’ve found one just recently though that does a thorough job, including snowfoam :ok_hand: