(Posting bad memes is not) Armchair politics

I look forward to seeing you prevail in Tokyo, next year :+1:

Oh my god, this is sensational interviewing.

Eddie Mair, have my children.


Too easy surely.

Even Trump could interview Truss and come out on top :slight_smile:

She seems to think a lot of things are funny, when they are not funny at all.

We watched her in some brief live telly interview yesterday evening. Half way through I turned to Mrs VB and said “Jeez, you wouldn’t give her a job would you. Not even if there were no other candidates.” Just. Too. Stupid.


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The points made about growth now & in 2009 were well made as well as the global nature of the causes. The best question was the first one ie how has austerity affected you?

Still has to be done. If not, they are never held to account.

Paul Waugh today:

On another day (we keep saying this but it’s true), yesterday’s evidence to the child sex abuse inquiry by David Steel would be headline news. The former Liberal leader admitted under oath for the first time that ex-Rochdale MP Cyril Smith had told him he had fondled boys in a hostel. Worse still, Steel had decided to take no action against him and in fact recommended him for a knighthood.

Rest of the article is here. This is item 4 on Waugh’s daily list of 5 items.

WTF? Is Steel still representing the LibDems? If so, why has no action been taken against him by Mr Cable and Co? This is, to say the very least, appalling.



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Is that for fucking real? Steel’s head should be put on a spike on Westminster Bridge.
And how many others knew but said nothing?

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Surely there must be grounds for legal action, not just action within his party?


Wow, just fucking wow :exploding_head:

He is one of the best imo

Shame he never got the question time gig

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Too forensic for QT, a bit like Kirsty Wark or Emily Maitland.

They prefer Dimbleby/Bruce fluff.


Fuck me, that is utterly disgusting and surely cannot be allowed to pass without action?

(Unusally, I stopped this morning at “if you’ve got this far” )

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About time too.


I couldn’t believe this when I read it in the paper this morning.

I always had him down as a useful idiot but he’s written his own obituary here.

Who the fuck can you believe from those days now?

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Erh, That must be Emily Maitlis.