Proud dad (/mum/grandad/uncle/whatever) moments


Unable is more entertaining when we have guests.


At daughters graduation - a First in Bsc Hons Nursing (Mental Health).

Quick picture - more later


Doesn’t matter how much you stretch she’s taller than you :wink:


Not without her heels she ain’t :smile:


Well done for the first :+1:




Have to admit they did a good job of the ceremony in Worcester cathedral.


Tie you scruffy b’stard.

p.s. well done daughter.



Sadly I never got a graduation certificate from north London poly. Seems they expected you to finish the day release course before you got anything off the tight bastards


Must be a very proud moment :+1:


Leicester Poly did the same to me. I even completed 2/3 of the course before ruthlessly dropping out.
Their loss.


Scarlett insisted that if pics of her were being posted that this goofy one after a few drinks was also shared :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The schooner before the scholar. :beers: cheers!


KettleJnr, aged 3 and a bit, just wrote his name out freehand on a bit of paper without guide letters. Handwriting is already a step up on mine…


Wonderful moment.

I’m getting to watch the grandkids do it all over again. Marvellous!


Firstborn just got a distinction in his grade 1 piano :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


And now KettleJnr had a leading role in the nursery nativity play. As…


Have at ye, @A_Touch_of_Cloth


Excellent ! (I hope he played it for laughs).