Proud dad (/mum/grandad/uncle/whatever) moments

Granddaughter had 9 A’s.
Five distinctions, three 8’s, and a 7.


Congrats to above FoLs and GrandFoL. some spectacular results there!

Claire texted me earlier saying that her students GCSE results were fab!


Still no word.

A career as a deep-cover secret agent beckons.

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She may have already been recruited

Child #2 has now made a climbing squad, following a rather intense selection competition yesterday. We are now going to actually live in a climbing gym.


Wasn’t that already since they were toddlers?

Well she’s been there a week. The south east London girl is currently quite puzzled by the “clubs” on offer - rifle shooting, horse riding, lacrosse :laughing:

If there’s a proud bit, she was concerned about getting a job once she was there. Up until now she’s worked as a mixologist in a bar in Brixton. She has a real passion for it and they’ve already block-booked her over Christmas.

Her boss in Brixton reassured her that “they’ll only know how to mix two cocktails, you know how to mix 35” :cocktail: :tumbler_glass:


Bouldering with FoL after work, she waited patiently to do a tricky purple route with overhangs and whatnot while four blokes huffed and puffed and failed to top it.

She then climbed it with speed and grace, making it look easy.

Made my week.

I did enjoy the look on their faces as I applauded her.


There are a couple of places if she really wants. Provincial is lifetime

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Sub aqua diving is brilliant there and a bit further down. There will definitely be a club and underwater archaeology is a worldwide experience. Lots of travel.


FoL#2 & gf have put up the first of their Georgia films. Made and edited on an iphone.
Looks interesting, I’d quite like to go.