Proud dad (/mum/grandad/uncle/whatever) moments

That’s good news Jon, I wish him well in his new post. Onwards and upwards.

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Fab performances from the young people SEDMC South East Derbyshire Music Centre on Saturday, also featuring Amy and Sam!


Eldest passed his car test today :partying_face:

Makes me feel old.


Lego world for the certificate


Which you have to pay extra for. Wankers. :rage:

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I tend not to give things away, yet last wednesday I gave my most loved and precious possession to another chap and had the honour of telling a group of almost strangers exactly my feelings. Didn’t she look gorgeous and a personality to match.



Bragging time again. fol#1 tonight completed all her competencies and 3 year training and is now a Prereg Paramedic, no more exams or on the job grilling, a fully paid up member of the Paramedics. Proud as a proud thing I am, if needed it would be someone like her that I would want in attendance, did I mention that I’m very proud. The crews had the bull horns and sirens going for her as she left the station. Now for a drink and dab some moist eyes, lot of grit in the air tonight.


They are really special people.
Our daughter is an end of life, care nurse.
We know how you feel.


LOL niece #2 is super-stressed about her art A level because as well as your main work - an astonishing painting of a pair of hands plaiting some (her) red hair - you have to submit some words about the background and motivation (women helping women, inclusion).

Everyone else bashed it into an email. She took the obvious (to her, she’s wired really quite differently) route of inscribing it around the edge of the the work.

So basically, different :scream_cat:

Don’t worry babe, I really think you’ve got this :laughing:


My kids, up the local. :grin:


Amy’s first club comp today!


Go Amy !

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Niece #1 not happy because she’s on the dig and this

is not the University of Exeter, she took the photo :laughing:

And let’s not go there with how the Henry XIII coin that was in close proximity to absolute hazard niece somehow got shattered into a bazillion pieces.


Called in there after Lopwell one year. Nice grounds to walk around.


Well done to Lynn who finished the Woodhall Spa 10k yesterday.


I’m out of breath and achy just looking at the photograph :joy:


Our daughter, Ava called us yesterday evening to say that in her three A level subjects: English Literature, History and Politics, she has predicted grades at A* in all three.

I didnt get the significance of this, I wasnt academic, but apparently it means that she can realistically apply to whichever universities she likes, including Cambridge, which is her first choice.

We don’t care about the grades per se, the academic thing is her path, we are just pulled along with it and there to support her. But the thrilling thing for us is watching her on her latest step towards self- actualization. She has had quite a few ups and downs to get this far. It isn’t easy to be as driven as she is. She puts herself on a knife-edge between success and failure. Yesterday however, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy and excited. The ups and downs are becoming less of a roller coaster and she is really beginning to believe in herself. It all made me feel quite emotional. :slightly_smiling_face:


I remember you talking about the start of Ava’s journey when she decided she wanted to go to the school and pulled you all along through the application and interview process.
She has been tenacious, ambitious, incredibly hard working and seized her opportunities with both hands.
You should be extremely proud of her.
Congratulations Ava!

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The fact that it’s Ava’s ambition and drive, her persistence and tenacity is a fabulous thing to hear - it probably doesn’t matter what she gets and where she goes, it sounds like she’ll be a success regardless.