Realistic dream cars or who's the Alfa male?


stick it on a plinth and worship at the alter of RX-8





All hail the Toblerone shaped motor.


Interesting fact - there’s actually no such thing as a ‘DS Safari’. Strictly speaking, they were all IDs.




Factual interesting fact. The Ds safari came after the IDs and was available with all the DS engine options.


Indeed. The first version was the ID Break, the Safari name came later, as did the Familiale

Familiale = enough space for a family of eight
Safari = enough space for a family of five and their elephant


Doesn’t make it a DS though, apparently.

I can copy here my mate’s comprehensive roundup of the D models if you like, although it’s hideously complicated!


Volvo 164. I like old Volvos me.


Don’t bother, unless he has the shark nosed safari as a DS he is rong






What is that one?

EDIT: Ok found it. Panhard


I’ve owned a couple of the 4 doors and they are beautiful. But in a 2 door that is something special.


That is the Panhard 24 ct Tigre last produced in 1967.
It only had a 2 cyl motor.






Double six?


Oh yes, love the early versions of these, the two door coupe in particular.


Many years ago, I went to Exeter to collect one, the tanks were brimmed before I left and I set off for the Midlands. I kept my speed down to 80-85 and as I passed over the flyover coming past Bristol on the M5, it spluttered and I had to switch over to tank 2!! :anguished: