Realistic dream cars or who's the Alfa male?


10 gallons per tank BTW.


How big are you? I’m 6,2 and hardly slim yet I never had a problem getting in / out / comfy

Great car too


I thinh G is 6’-7", the same height as Jack.


Is the G for giant as in Giant thang?


I always liked this.
Fiat 130 Coupe


And owned one of these.


This + import duty wouldn’t break the bank.

But Narelle’s choice might…



Owned one of these in the 80’s crock of shit


I know but it looks nice. Mine was a Turbo.



Wow, that’s certainly er…colourful!


I like it.

Finger sort of slipped. Off to pick it up in a bit.



You’re mad :wink: !


The future Mrs B encouraged me. Off on us holidays in it tomorrow.

RAC in Wales are gonna love us. If it gets that far that is.


Is it the V6?


I love questions like that.


No. 2.0 TS. V6 spiders are fairly rare and spendy.


And probably handle like you have an anvil over the front wheels.


It’s nice, but it’s a not a boat is it? :wink:


No. We used to drive one of these (not this actual one)

It was a boat.