Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


I heard that years ago with cassettes. I always did it prior to playing, I still have no idea why :thinking:


Hopefully I get a reply from the tech soon and can get it there and back in a reasonable time.


Does the Revox have a mono switch? Those WRC mono tapes are effectively 2 track with one channel (half the tape width) carrying one side of the album in one direction & the other channel carrying the other side of the album in the opposite direction. To play them on the 4 track TEAC i have to use a lead with a single phono (attached to the Left output of the tape deck but wired to 2 phonos (in parallel) at the amp end. Not quite ideal but necessary as the 4 track head doesn’t run the two tracks next to one another so while the left channel is playing the side of the tape you’re after, the R channel head is playing the other side of the tape in reverse! I think I’ve seen some machines that allow you to configure which track plays what but the TEAC doesn’t. I’ve no doubt those 3 3/4 mono tapes would be more impressive with a proper mono head playing the whole width of the track.


Yes seems it has.




I love the R2R resurgence, vinyl is too easy to buy so let’s have a challenge :smiley:


Adequately expensive




Nice Nagra R2R.


@coco I mean, we need a BTJ-9000 LCR tape head preamplifier right?




This is a tube R2R.



There’s another company similar to them who do amps and speakers in USA and they also did something for tape that I didn’t really understand when I saw it. I can never remember their name though. Will try to pluck it out of my brain.


This was it. You ave to modify the R2R though, why?


Typically the pre amplifier and eq, equivalent of a phono stage, is built into the R2R, so they need to be modified to have the output from the heads directly.


Ok thanks. I wanted a R2R when I saw it anyway!


Just noticed one of the distros I deal with carries a small range of reel-to-reel tapes, albeit the usual safe and predictable audiophool fodder… and then I checked the prices…

~£300 each… :open_mouth:


Why not buy some demo tapes that you can then sell later at a discount?




How much margin do you imagine there is on this stuff?!

You’d be looking at £200 at best with me taking nothing in profit.

Buggered if I’d pay that much for me, much less expect anyone else to!