Reel 2 Reel - bottomless pit of faff, expense and hisssssssss


Are you sure she hasn’t placed them on the track in a fit of “them or me” pique?


Her, deffo :heart_eyes:


Finally got a chance to sit down and load up some tape and have a listen on the Pioneer 707.

Giving Shaft a whirl at 7.5 ips and its sounds very nice indeed blasting out the AVs :smile:


Have you got the LP?


I have indeed.

I’m not really in a position to compare like for like as I don’t have a cartridge at the moment on the SP10 which is in the same set up as the R.2R.

Also I’d like to get the 707 serviced and set up properly so I know its working reasonably optimally. All I will say is that first impressions are pretty good, plenty of dynamics coming off that tape.

Next up is a 7.5 ips Beatles tape :+1:


I bought an LTJ Bukem album this afternoon, and I felt that I was possibly engaging in a spot of nostalgia.

Clearly I am but an amateur in that game.


‘Hey Jude’ sounding very nice. The most noticeable thing so far is a lovely top end, percussion sounds great.


Fucking auto-reverse has caught me out a few times as well :man_facepalming:


Was it a Logical Progession?


My Teac has a sensor system which requires the tape to have reflective labels added at each end. Then it will auto reverse if that mode of operation is selected. I need to buy some of those tabs. Does the Pioneer have some different system?


That’s exactly what it was.

From Carnival, no less.

You need to check out their DJ session on Saturday. Cinematic Orchestra no less!


Was my old cd probably lol, I traded them all in a while ago.

Nags head beer Fest all weekend…


I presume so, my biggest issue is forgetting which way the player is running and pressing the wrong direction, especially when FF or REW.


I’ve done that a few times. Thread a tape on, hit play & it promptly unwinds & detaches before I can stop it :smiley:


In a Schumanated state this faff level is a doddle.


I’m fairly sure that your Schumann resonator field contraption can retrieve the information stored on open reel tapes and project it into the music garden in your head at any given quality you choose, without the need for getting them out of their boxes or fiddling with tape players.


Pictures of new R2R needed



That’s quite a machine.
Very pretty,
I’ve never seen one with a plastic cover like that before.
Cool :sunglasses: R2R


Cheers. Sounds quite nice at 7.5 ips :slightly_smiling_face: